The purpose of our Church is to bring the Word of God,
as brought to us in the Holy Bible,
into the lives of members, friends and all others
to whom we are directed by the Holy Spirit.

We are here to KNOW Jesus Christ and His love for us all;
to GROW in that love
through worship, prayer, and study of God’s Word; and
to GO and SHARE that love with others.

Pastor Dave Evangelista, PhD
Pastor Dave grew up in Pennsylvania and trusted the Lord Jesus as
his personal Lord and Savior in his early 20's.  Soon afterward he
sensed a strong calling to evangelism, and spent the next 50 years
of his life pastoring and leading many to a saving knowledge of the
Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Dave  has six daughters, by his wife of 52
years who went to be with her Lord some time ago.

At a time of life when many would be thinking of retiring,  Pastor
Dave has taken on a  new challenge of planting a
non-denominational fellowship in Fairfield Glade, a golf and
retirement community, where he and his wife, Linda, of nearly
10 years, reside.
About Us
a non-denominational church
Pastor Dave Evangelista
Mailing Address:  17 Prestonwood Terrace, Fairfield Glade, TN 38558
Phone:  931-707-0347 or 931-260-0712
Sunday Bible Study at 9:00 and Sunday Service at 10:00.  
Click here for location and directions.  
About Us
We are a non-denominational Bible-teaching Church!
Thank you for visiting our website.
Faith Bible Fellowship of Fairfield Glade (FBF) is a non-denominational church with a strong emphasis on
Bible teaching.  As such, we are a blend of folks from varied backgrounds/denominations and seekers with
questions.  Our goal is to glorify GOD through changed lives.  Whether you are a long-time Christian, just
getting started, somewhere in between, or even if you are just looking for answers to life’s big questions,
best next step in your spiritual journey is toward Christ
.  Let us help you take it.  And please accept our
invitation to visit FBF soon.
Pastor Dave and wife, Linda