1.        What do people wear to service?
At Faith Bible, we really want folks to feel free to "come as you are."  If you're more comfortable dressing up or down,
either is OK.

2.        What is the Sunday Service like?
Our non-denominational service is casual and meaningful with a variety of uplifting songs and a message that clearly
explains Scripture and how to make it meaningful in our daily lives.

3.        My husband and I grew up in different churches. Will we fit at Faith Bible Fellowship?
FBF is a non-denominational church where all who seek God will feel comfortable. Our folks come from various
denominational backgrounds and include those who grew up as Baptists, Catholics, Lutherans,…or didn’t attend
church at all.  Our focus is on finding God through a study of His Word and growing Christians who will disciple others,
rather than on denominations.

4.        What kind of music do you have?
We have a worship team that leads the congregation in singing; also we have several soloists and the FBF Trio to add
variety to our worship through song.

5.        Is there Sunday School or Bible Study?
We have a choice of Bible Studies on Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM as well as a Bible Study / Fellowship on
Wednesday evening at individual homes. See the web page on “Knowing God” for additional information.

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