We have several teams and Fellowship times to make sure we all find the sense of belonging we seek.

Newcomer Team
Provides a Newcomer Center where visitors can quickly become acquainted with our church, its purpose and events.
They are encouraged to pick up our brochure, business card, calendar of events & Bible Studies, and sign up for any
areas of interest.

Welcome Team        
Coordinates greeters and ushers for our Sunday worship service and the Information Center for members. The
Information Center coordinates sign-ups for ministry & fellowship events and provides other information of interest to

Wednesday Evening Bible Study / Fellowship
Most recently, we have changed our Sunday evening Bible study to 6:00 PM on Wednesday evening and have combined
it with a  
time for fellowship and connection.

We intentionally chose to have this Bible Study / Fellowship in a home setting, modeled after the early Christian churches.
This evening provides an opportunity to grow in our relationship with God through Bible Study and helps develop
relationships with each other through a time to just  connect with friends mid-week.

Up-Coming Events
As you peruse our Calendar Page, you’ll see that we regularly plan events when we can get together to just relax and
have fun.  
Getting Connected
No one is a stranger here!
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