God has gifted each of us in a special way that can be used for His purpose in ministry within the
church. As you review potential ministries, please pray to know the role God would have you serve as
we come to—Know Christ, Grow in Christ, Go to Others and Share Christ.

On the Getting Involved page, we viewed a summary of our Sunday Worship Ministries. Here's a brief
summary of other opportunities where you can serve.    

Admin & Tech Support
Goal: To provide administrative & tech support in the following areas: Office Management & Publicity,
Bulletin, Business Cards, Brochure, Computer Presentations, Fliers, Church Roster, Monthly Calendar,
Photography, and Web Site.

Care & Prayer
Goal: To provide “care and prayer” for and with the members of Faith Bible Fellowship in coordination
with the Pastor. The Pastor, as the Shepherd of the body, is directly involved with this team. Current
responsibilities include prayer coordination, church roster, coordination of meals, household support &
transportation as needed; household and hospital visitation.

Christian Education
Goal: To ensure that all Christian education conducted under the auspices of Faith Bible Fellowship
meets the doctrinal position of Faith Bible Fellowship -- under the overall guidance of the Pastor.  Team
members include our Bible Teachers: Pastor Dave and Patrick Brant.

Fellowship Events
Goal: To coordinate all social functions that may be established by the Pastor and the church board as
official church functions or events. Includes: formulating an annual calendar & plan of events with
budget for approval by the Board; coordination of effort to provide food, speaker & entertainment as

Goal: To review all requests for support and make recommendations to the Pastor. These
recommendations may include ministries that are beyond the requests received. The Church Board has
final authorization for disbursement of funds in support of any specific ministry or mission and has
designated the fifth Sunday of any month as donations for missions, subject to the designation by

Goal: To attract, connect, involve and equip all attenders to reach our neighborhoods for Christ
through prayer, loving our neighbor and serving Christ in our community. The team meets quarterly to
brain-storm ideas to help the church body reach this goal. The Outreach plans a variety of outreach to
newcomers at church & in the community and helping new attenders to “belong”. The FBF web site, the
Newcomer Ministry, and Paddle for Life are the 2008 additions to the Outreach team efforts.

Women’s Ministry / Mugs n’ Muffins
Goal: To provide a fellowship & faith-sharing opportunity for women as well as an opportunity to reach
out to other women in our community. Meets in the morning of the 2nd Saturday of each month.

Iron Men
Goal:  To spiritually strengthening men to become confident warriors for Christ in today’s challenging
and ever-changing world.  Meets one Saturday a month at various homes at 8:00 a.m.

Finance Committee
Goal: As a subgroup of the Board, to provide general financial oversight of Faith Bible Fellowship.
Serving God
a non-denominational church
Pastor Dave Evangelista
Mailing Address:  17 Prestonwood Terrace, Fairfield Glade, TN 38558
Phone:  931-707-0347 or 931-260-0712
Sunday Bible Study at 9:00 and Sunday Service at 10:00.  
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Are you ready to use your gifts for God’s purpose?
Join us to find--
The plan God has for your life
How you can step into that plan
Initial ministry steps along the way

If you are interested in finding out more about a ministry, give
us a call at 707-0347. Ask for Pastor Dave or Linda!
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